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CARUSO - Electric oven for Quality Neapolitan Pizza


Caruso® is the first electric oven that offers the same performance as the traditional wood-fired oven, with an actual maximum temperature of 530°C. We have selected the best materials and components to guarantee an extremely solid and high temperature resistant oven, to achieve maximum performance with minimum consumption.

The Caruso® is the perfect combination of outstanding ergonomics and functionality which translate into attention to detail and the search for innovative solutions that improve the work of pizza chefs, making this oven unique in its ease of use.

Baking Neapolitan pizza has never been easier.

The Caruso is the perfect combination of technical innovation and materialistic tradition.

  • Gloss/Matte finish options available with contrasting colours.

  • Ergonomic shelf in Monolite Iperges®.

  • Removable support surface in metal mesh.

  • Touch screen 65K display, functionality and simplicity at a touch

  • Side shovel support and instrument drawer

  • Double internal light, fully replaceable from outside or inside

  • Dry leavening cell at 50°C with light and thermostat.

  • Baking chamber lined with refractory material, side panels in steel to protect the stone.

  • Baking floor made in certified Sorrento biscuit.

  • Independent digital power regulation for baking floor and ceiling.

  • Hood module with optional motor for vapour and odour removal kit.

  • Maximum cooking temperature 530°C.

  • Strong Temperature isolation (External temperature of oven remains around 30°C.

  • Ultra fast heating speed.

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