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The VISOR Electric 3 in 1 Oven


The Visor oven is extremely versatile because it is designed to adapt to the needs of professionals, thanks to its internal capabilities. Starting from the basic model, VN can be equipped with hood and side covers.

Independent electronic power regulation for baking floor and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator and they guarantee excellent cooking results of any sort of food. Series of digital controllers designed to manage both the oven and the prover through function icons and touch-sensitive buttons.

The user interface is a single surface, with a customised display that stands out especially for its design and userfriendliness.

A single large multifunction oven performance. With the aim of offering solutions that improve productivity by simplifying at the same time the work tools. A comfortable heat-resistant handle made in wood and a tempered glass that run along the opening door in all its length, allow a complete and practical view of the entire cooking chamber.

Suitable for pizzerias, but also for pastry shops and bakeries with the addition of the steamer on each deck.


Oven Capacity (per deck):


  • Production up to 9 pizzas Ø 35 cm for each baking chamber.

  • Up to 9 pizzas with a diameter of 35 cm for each baking chamber, or 4 trays 40x60 cm.

  • Three different styles in one oven.

  • Counter-balanced front doors.

  • Heat-resistant handle in solid-wood.

  • Less outwards heat dispersion.

  • Complete view of the cooking chamber inside.

  • Independent electronic power regulation for baking floor and ceiling.

  • Touch screen, functionality and simplicity with a touch.

  • A solid heart hi-tec lined with an enveloping carter.

  • Cooking chamber fully coated with refractory material.

  • Vapour and odour removal kit (optional).

  • 3 ovens in 1: Pizzeria, Confectionery, Bakery.

  • Hype shielded resistors inserted in the refractory surface and exposed top resistors.

  • Maximum cooking temperature 450°C. 

  • Ultra fast heating.

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