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The TUNNEL Stone Conveyor Oven


Have you ever wondered why there isn't a conveyor oven that can produce the results of an authentic Italian Stone Deck Oven?


Now here is!! 


This is the only Conveyor Tunnel oven that cooks directly on stone. Get a deck-type finish with all the ease of a conveyor oven. This oven's simple use and perfect cooking results allows it to be used by non specialised staff too. The Italforni TS Series Tunnel oven is excellent for cooking a variety of products to perfection, such as pizza, focaccia, Arab bread, tortillas, piadina, bruschetta, crostini, chicken wings, meat, etc... 


With a temperature reaching as high as 450°C, your bake time is sure to improve drastically.  In fact, this oven is capable of producing up to 163 @ 12" pizzas per hour! Also features independently controlled top and bottom heat controls for perfect bake. 

The Electric Tunnel Stone Oven is available in 3 Stone Belt sizes:

  • Model TSA: 18in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 39"w x 56"d / Interior: 5"h x 20"w x 32"d

  • Model TSB: 24in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 44"w x 81"d / Interior: 5"h x 26"w x 45"d

  • Model TSC: 32in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 52"w x 95"d / Interior: 5"h x 34"w x 59"d


These ovens can be double-stacked. Special tunnel oven configurations supplied on request.


*Image shows Oven on Stand.

  • The TUNNEL CLASSIC and TUNNEL STONE ovens have independent cooking chambers with electronic regulation for separate power in the rack and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator, and they guarantee excellent cooking results for any types of food.

  • The chambers are lit internally with high resistance and high light capacity lamps.

  • Stainless steel sheathed heating element.

  • Belt with refractory stone planks.

  • Thanks to the excellent insulation, the external temperature of the oven is constantly at 30°C, in order to guarantee maximum safety during working hours.

  • With self-lubricating bearings there is no need for routine maintenance.

  • Guaranteed thermal insulation.

  • The oven support is equipped with four practical wheels with brake.

  • Adjustable inlet and outlet shutters.

  • Adjustable belt speed.

  • The two removable crumb collection trays are placed at the tunnel inlet and outlet allow for easy cleaning.

  • +30% Dimension/production ratio compared to other ovens available on the market.

  • Maximum cooking temperature 450°C

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