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The WINDY Combi Oven


Italforni after years of experience in the production of professional ovens has conceived a highly innovative and technological product, simple to use and functional: the professional ovens WINDY-T (Touch Screen) and WINDY-M (Mechanical Control). Manual cooking represents the traditional way of cooking in which the cook expresses all its abilities to set any type of cooking as desired. With the new ventilated WINDY oven all this is done in a few seconds!

The models with 6, 10 and 20 capacity in the WINDY-T/M line are complete products offering a high technological level: from direct injection to fan speed control, they make it possible to achieve impressive results in the pastry industry and provide uniform and fragrant cooking on all of the trays, with both light and delicate foods as well as more compact ones.

A large and capacitive 7’’ screen that can be controlled remotely with an app from a smartphone through intuitive graphic icons, to enter various settings and manage your every need in the kitchen to the best. Universal tray rack system. A single oven for three cooking systems.

Along with the heat exchanger, the blown-air burner with forced air delivery offers considerable economic and ecological advantages. The cleaning system with numerous economy programs, the use of eco detergent and the waste oil collection base also help protect the environment. The unit can be provided with proofing containers to complete the WINDY-T line

Oven Capacity (per deck):


  • 6 Tray - 60X40 cm x 6 / GN 1/1 x 6

  • 10 Tray - 60X40 cm x 10 / GN 1/1 x 10

  • 20 Tray - 60X40 cm x 20 / GN 2/1 x 10

  • Favorites function.

  • Adjustment of humidity.

  • Heart probe multi points.

  • Self cleaning system.

  • Cooking with ΔT.

  • Regeneration.

  • Chamber light.

  • Fast Cooling.

  • Humidifier.

  • Bidirectional fan.

  • Two speed fan.

  • Door with openable internal glass.

  • Efficiency. Three versions to fulfil every need.

  • Function. A single oven for three cooking systems.

  • Design. A large and capacitive 7’’ screen.

  • Technology. Blown-air burner and heat exchanger.

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