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The PASTFOOD Modular Oven

PAST FOOD 02.jpg
  • Modularity to meet any professional requirement.

  • High performance modular electric ovens for pastry, bread and pizza.

  • When you purchase an Italforni oven you can be sure of adding unique ingredients to your work: Performances, Reliability, Design.

  • The cooking chambers are lit internally with high resistance and high light capacity halogen lamps.

  • The counter-balanced front doors improve the opening and closing

  • Door with tempered glass window.

  • Adjustable steam exhaust valve.

  • The large prover is hermetically closed with internal light and practical wheels with brake ( optional ).

  • The PastFood ovens have cooking chambers with independent electronic or electromechanical temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator and they guarantee excellent cooking results of any sort of food.

  • Stainless steel sheathed heating element.

  • Maximum cooking temperature 450 °C.

  • A steam and odour removal kit with activated carbon filter can be fit on the hood module, which allows the flue not to be used.

  • The PastFood cooking chamber is in aluminium coated steel plate, with refractory or embossed steel plate baking floor, with high performance electric heating elements. 

SOLD Seperately

Pastfood Steam Deck.PNG
Pastfood Deck.PNG
Pastfood Prover.PNG
Pastfood Hood.PNG
Pastfood Stand.PNG

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Owners Manual


Owners Manual


Owners Manual

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